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por miniak - 16-May-2015 | 13:01:02
Mirar este video.
Parece ser que la FY-107 va bastante bien.

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por miniak - 16-May-2015 | 12:54:56

Rank 101 - 1000
500 Crowns for each clan member
HEX Autorevolver Black Dragon for 5 days

You can find the detailed reward and challenges list in the May Clan Challenge season start article.

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por miniak - 16-May-2015 | 12:51:32
FPS issues:
D:These issues are common and can be caused by different factors.
1.If you experience problem with FPS drop/low FPS , restart your computer and router.
2.Close all unnecessary programs (background programs).
3.Lower game settings to low and lower your resolution .
4.Update your graphic/processor drivers to latest version.
5.Update direct X to latest version.
6.Download game booster.We will recommend you Razer's Cortex : http://www.

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por miniak - 16-May-2015 | 12:48:59
The Warface servers communicate on these ports, please make sure that you are allowing connections through your firewall to the warface servers on:

European Server:

TCP: 5222

UDP: 60000-60250

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